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Business intelligence - news services

  • International Market Research Mall

    "Business information on 12 million public and private companies worldwide, including company profiles, in-depth financials, contact names, competitors, industry trends, news, and more. [keywords: company information, business information, company search, company research, public company, private company, global company profiles, corporate descriptions, prospecting and sales tool, sales leads, lead generation, sales prospecting, contact names, company contacts, officer lists, mailing lists, direct mail, direct marketing, sales and marketing information, business development, salesforce, competitors, competitive intelligence and analysis, market and industry trends, investment research, financial information, news, company database, business reports] " quote from website 040710

  • CNN Financial Network
  • business and technological perspectives

Manufacturers & Products Database Services

Marketing Small Businesses

see some of the successful web sites designed for small business clients by: or or Tony Yau designs in Hong Kong.

A prototype promotional site involving specialty food and cookware merchants can be seen below:

  • retail specialty market shops
    • specialty handcrafted leather boots
    • public market shops:  bakery, butcher shop, seafood
    • cookware / dining ware / kitchen ware
    • mail boxes, printing and color photocopying services
    • marine equipment

Business managment information systems / custom programming & software development

  • P.H.D. Engineering Ltd. - custom software development for global businesses
    experienced in web based realtime monitoring systems
    See sample work on real-time embedded and Windows based monitoring systems programs done for Commonwealth Edison power company ComEd EnergyTracker and Siemens

  • Infotech Systems Group Ltd. - MIS (management information systems) development and maintenance, EDI, accounting systems, ecommerce business solutions ... - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Business emergency management & disaster planning services

  • SafetySmart emergency management ltd.
    Is your organization prepared to handle any emergency?  Planning for public relations, as well as the safety and well being of staff, equipment and records in situations of earthquake, fire, flood or theft.
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